fair partnership between company and customer - since 1997

Communicatio AG
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Communicatio AG takes care of fair relationships

Since more than 15 years Communicatio AG acts as a consultant around the topic of relationships towards customers. There within, trust building is always highest priority.

Customers in all industries become more demanding: good quality at low price, good social and ecological standards - all of these are part of the standard requirements nowadays. The raising interest of customers in the organization and in their products - if excellently  executed - could be a very welcome opportunity: from product development across pricing finding up to improvements in all areas of the service and product life cycle, customers become valuable advisers towards the enterprise.

More sophisticated online shopping, very promising concepts at point of sale as well as the development towards regional products make it more difficult to convince customers and to bind them in the long term perspective. In parallel, an over-saturation concerning vouchers, bonus cards, apps can be observed.

The only way to take advantage of the digitalization for an organization is to know exactly the customers’ needs (which is ideally also reflected by customers’ feedback towards the enterprise).

Communicatio AG develops integrated solutions for loyalty programs independent from stand-alone vouchers, bonus cards, apps and - upon your request - administers these for you as well.

Apart from consultancy, Communicatio AG also operates - partly in cooperation - own loyalty programs such as Grünkauf, guru.de or lesenswert. These offer the opportunity even to small and mid-sized enterprises to gain access to professional customer relationship management systems and marketing concepts which would not be worth the effort by one single company.